Our history


Bascules Robbe is a genuine family business spanning
several generations since 1845. View the fascinating timeline here!


Founded by Henri Robbe-Bolliou

Bascules Robbe is the oldest independent manufacturer of weighing systems in Belgium. It was founded in 1845 by Henri Robbe-Bolliou, the great-great-grandfather of the present generation.

At the time, the business was located in the centre of timber country, in Torhout, which has a tradition of weighing vehicle manufacturers, of which Robbe is the only remaining one.


Moving to the industrial estate

In 1974, the company moved from the centre of Torhout to a new workshop in Noordlaan, with a showroom and offices. Bascules Robbe was then managed by Fernand Robbe, great-grandson of Henri Robbe-Bolliou, together with his brother-in-law Herman Dejonckheere, husband of Fabienne Robbe, Fernand Robbe’s youngest sister.


Emergence of electronic weighing and PC software

Bascules Robbe jumped on the electronic weighing bandwagon from the very beginning. This revolution in the world of weighing resulted in faster processing of weight measurements and also higher accuracy.

The first PCs appeared on the market during this period and programmers soon developed the first weighing programs. In 1995, Herman and Fabienne’s daughter Mireille Dejonckheere joined the business; sadly, Herman passed away in 1998 after a long illness.

Tom Pollentier, Mireille’s husband, joined the team in 2005.


Belac accreditation and production site expansion

In order to be able to help customers even better, the Robbe Inspection Institute was established. Since obtaining our accreditation, we have been authorised to carry out the recalibration of weighing devices under our own management.

In 2007, Yannick Pollet and Cedric Pollet joined the family business; they are the grandsons of Henriette Robbe, Fernand Robbe’s eldest sister.

In 2009, the construction of a new production hall was started in order to meet the increased demand for concrete weighing decks.

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Machinery renovated

From 2010 to the present day, we have invested heavily in the expansion and renovation of our machinery (CNC machining, welding robot, etc.) in order to achieve the most ergonomic and efficient production possible.

We strive for a digital working environment with seamless integration of ERP and CADCAM software.

In 2013, Bascules Robbe obtained its accreditation from the NMI (CE NAWI) to perform initial calibrations. This allows us to handle the entire life cycle of design, production, commissioning, and repair of calibrated weighing instruments in-house. In 2016, the accreditation was extended to vending machines (CE AWI).


Siemens OEM Partner

After years of active cooperation with Siemens Belgium in weighing components and weighing modules, Bascules Robbe joined the select club of Siemens OEM partners in 2018.

This has allowed us to expand our expertise even further and help our customers with the latest developments in the market!

2021- ...

New assembly hall and Robbe test centre

Due to the increasing size of the projects, a decision was made to put an additional hall into use for the assembly and testing of our machines in 2021.  Because we can assemble and test all of the equipment in-house, delivery and installation at the customer’s site can proceed smoothly.

There is also room and space in this new hall for our demo machines to carry out product tests quickly and easily. This already gives you as a customer a good idea of the possibilities of your future machine.

Our team of over 40 enthusiastic employees is committed to our customers every day!