Palletizing cell with robot for Tereos

This solution in a nutshell:

  • Palletizing robot for stacking bags
  • Fast implementation during planned production stop
  • Easy operation via HMI and PLC

Why the customer chose Bascules Robbe …

  • Flexible execution of the custom project
  • Many years of experience in filling machines
  • A single point of contact for design, mechanical, electric and installation
  • Already been successful in other realisations of projects

Customer data

Tereos Aalst

New palletizing robot for bagging line maltodextrose

For our customer Tereos in Aalst, we have equipped the palletizing line of the maltodextrose bagging line with a new Fanuc robot. The gripper to pick up the bags was designed and drawn out by us in 3D and built in our workshops. 

The gripper also incorporates arms that fold out to first place a cardboard sheet on the empty pallet to protect the bags. After this, the stacking of the bags begins.

Due to the very fluid behavior of the product, stacking these bags is no easy task.

The robot is operated by an intuitive touchscreen that was programmed by us (HMI Human-Machine-Interface). The programming of the Siemens touch screen was worked out in consultation with the customer so that the installation is very easy to operate. A Siemens PLC is the main controller of the robot cell. This PLC is also linked via fieldbus to the higher PLC of the bagging line.

The robot can palletize the bags on three positions. During production, the palletizing robot stacks the bags on a roller conveyor and during product changeover, the transition product is palletized on two separate positions. In this way, the transition product can be kept out of the process of normal production runs.

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