Bigbags, FIBC, filling and unloading

For many years, we design, build and install various machines to dose both solids and liquid products in packages. We do not only offer our extensive knowledge regarding weighing techniques and passion for technology and automation. We realize numerous projects from simple filling systems to automatical filling lines with palletising systems.

For bulk material and solids, we can offer you bigbags and other bagging installations. We can support you with automation from transporting empty bags to stacking filled bags. Our semi-automatical bagging installations help our customers to fill the bags in an ergonomical and productive way, with a limited budget. Thanks to our filling systems for bigbags and octabins, the production runs of our customers are daily executed in an efficient, secure and ergonomical way.

We offer various possibilities for depalletising bags and rewrapping automatically from for instance bigbags to bags and vice versa.

If you would like to fill IBCs and liquid products, we are happy to offer you our knowledge and experience. For filling liquids, we are active in numerous industries. We have already built a lot of machines, both small and big. Today, different Robbe machines are operating in various industries, like food and chemistry.

Do you want to execute a flow rate or measurement in line? Read here all about weighing in line!

View our solutions regarding filling and unloading of bigbags

View our realisations regarding filling and unloading of bigbags

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