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This solution in a nutshell:

  • Replacing 112 existing poultry scales in current environment
  • Developing and producing custom screw feeders for the customer
  • ATEX environment
  • 52 screws and 12 hoppers, completely in stainless steel
  • Doubling the current capacity

Why the customer chose Bascules Robbe …

  • Automation
  • Tailor-made flexibility
  • Flowing products: grains, salts, premixes, …

Customer data

Arvesta, Afdeling Veevoeders Aalter

Renewing existing poultry scales in existing environment

After several years, the current poultry scales had to be replaced. The foundations of the building were custom-made for these scales. Therefore, we couldn’t just install a standard device.

Our research team tried to find out the possible solutions, together with our customer. They tried to find out the best way to install new weighers and feed screws in the existing environment.

Bascules Robbe took care of the design as well as the entire production of the Atex certified hoppers, quick closing valves, junction boxes and feed screws.

Doubling of flow rate

The customer asked us to double the flow rate in comparison with the old scales. Of course, we took this requirement into account. We ensured that we didn’t exceed the dimensions of the existing scales.

Moreover, we made sure we respected the Atex norms. Hence, both the scales and the screws are Atex certified.

Filling screws and hoppers for salts

As some supply lines are only used to add salts, the hoppers and screws had to be provided too.

Therefore, some of the hoppers and screws were completely developed in stainless steel, so that they could be used for many years.

As agreed with the customer, the scales were replaced step by step, in different stages. This way, no continuity problems could occur.

The results are impressive: 112 scales and 80 screws are replaced and future-proof.

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