Since 1845 Bascules Robbe SA, located in Turnhout, remains the expert in weighing and more specifically: weighbridges. As the biggest company of its kind, Bascules Robbe disposes of various references in all industries. Only in Belgium we have already installed more than 1,000 weighbridges!

As a matter of fact, Bascules Robbe builds custom weighbridges which meet the specific requirements of your company regarding location, type or other wishes. We aim to offer our customers a highly-quality product that fully meets your needs with an automation as specific as possible.

Bascules Robbe takes care of civil works, as well as production (steel and concrete), installation, adjustment, calibration and full automation!

If you consider carefully or weigh the pros and cons, you will undoubtedly choose Bascules Robbe SA.

Because, it’s the experience that weighs the most.

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Moving a weighbridge

Do you dispose of a weighbridge which still works perfectly, but which is not located in the perfect environment? Then we can move your weighbridge to a better location.

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