Weighing in line

Over the years, a great follow-up and monitoring regarding product and waste flows have become increasingly important in a lot of companies. Thanks to our wide range of solutions to weigh in line, you can count on Bascules Robbe as a reliable and solid partner to monitor these flows in an accurate way.

For the weighing and registration of incoming product flows as well as the loading of ships and wagons, we dispose of fixed or mobile receipt scales. These scales have a flow rate of 30 m3 to up to 1,000 m3 per hour.

Once the goods have entered, we can follow them up by making use of robust weighing conveyor belts of Siemens or via small hopper scales and weighfeeders. For this, you can choose between established weighing screws or conveyor belts. The belt weighers of Siemens offer excellent solutions to map your waste flows too. Hence, your production process can be further optimized.

At the end of the production process, we can guarantee the quality of the production by means of our checkweighers. For the smallest weights at the highest speeds, there is a wide range of OCS checkweighers. For the larger weights and volumes, we construct custom checkweighers, with or without emission, extra roller belts or palletising machines.

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We do not only offer filling machines for filling bags, but at Bascules Robbe you can also find devices for filling or unloading bigbags or FIBC’s.
Moreover, we have everything for the filling of liquids!

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